Saturday, September 26, 2015

American Girl doll house

My girl is turning 9 (ouch) in just 6 days, and has requested to go back to the American Girl store for her birthday. We're both quite excited, but given that she has so much doll stuff spread out, she is losing floor space, I've decided to go UPWARDS in how we present it all. It's not a monstrosity like you see some AG houses on Pinterest but I think it's cute. Once I wrap it all up (I'm down to decorative details now), I will go back and walk through it with you. As I was doing this project I had trouble finding resources and ideas. There are plenty of photos of them, and some videos, but I think I need to put my ideas out there with words, for other people who want to take this project on. I've had to get really creative for some things and I can't wait to share it with you guys!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Operation Smile

**The following post is sponsored by Campus Book Rentals. Opinions are all my own.**

I know that I've written to you guys quite a lot about Campus Book rentals and Operation Smile.  I get approached quite often to do sponsored posts and I turn a lot of them down. Because most companies are only out for their own good. For their own bottom line. But I've come to respect those from Campus book rentals because they pass on the good fortune.

Operation Smile is an international organization that provides cleft lip and cleft palate surgery to children in low and middle income countries. They provide the surgeries, post operative care and and ongoing medical therapies to children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford this kind of care.

A Grandmother comforting her Grandson after his surgery in Cambodia.
Photo courtesy of Operation Smile via Facebook

A child with a cleft has two times the odds of dying before their first birthday. Children who survive, can have difficulty speaking, eating, hearing or breathing. Operation Smile is able to provide care to these children, often saving them, and improving their quality of life significantly.

This organization is volunteer based. They give their time and skill so that families can help their children at no cost to the families. Since 1982, Operation Smile has been able to provide 222,000 free surgical procedures to children and young adults.

Operation smile is 'a pioneer in advocating for the importance of safe surgery in resource poor environments.' They train local medical professionals in these countries and help to strengthen their health care systems, which benefits not only these children but also the local population.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but the opportunities in MY life to help others who are not local are few and far between. I do what I can for my community and my state, but I sometimes feel disconnected from the rest of the world. Something we can do from here, since most of us are not doctors or nurses who can travel and serve others in need, is to donate. You can visit Operation smile to donate here. You can also consider using Campus Book Rentals. Every rental helps them support Operation Smile. They have committed to donating a minimum of 80 surgeries this year.

Photo courtesy of Operation Smile via Facebook

It's not often that working with a company has such positive consequences. So when companies like this approach me, I have no problem sharing them with you guys. I hope you will check out Operation Smile and if you can, help out.  Also check out Campus Book rentals. I hope you will and I hope you will share them as well.

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