Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boobookissicus and other magical mom remedies

When you're a kid, doesn't your Mom almost seem...magical...?

Those kisses, though only using the placebo affect, really do make those boo boos feel better. Moms overwork themselves, under reward them selves and really, more than anyone; husband and children alike, Moms are the worst offenders when it comes to taking themselves for granted. Some of us work outside the home, some of us try to work from home and some of us, our only jobs ARE our homes and families. I am of the last group, and I HAVE to say, I cannot imagine doing all I do everyday AND going to work from 9-5 so kudos, to those who do!

Your Mom is the beginning. The foundation upon which you will grow and your first example. She should always be the BEST example too, because you're the one whose instruction will stick with you throughout your life. After she is gone, you will still have the wisdom she has imparted on you. It may be your ability to cook, your love for reading, or Magical Mama remedies. So I'm going to give you ten Mom truths/remedies/reminders that will get you through life.

1. Chicken soup can cure almost anything that ails you. Whether you're physically sick, emotionally sick, or just home sick, a good bowl of chicken soup can help. It might be different for everyone. It could be Grandma's special recipe, or come from a can. For me it's Mrs Grass' chicken soup mix (you know the kind with the golden egg?) My dad used to make it when I was a kid, so it has a double meaning for me.

2. Eyes in the back of your head. Not necessarily. We've just learned to keep one eye on you, no matter what we're doing. It also means a keen sense of hearing, and making sure to watch more closely when you're being quiet or we hear a sound we shouldn't be hearing (like when I hear the sound of the marker bag slowly being opened and you know you're not supposed to use them around your brother without asking). I always tell her to put them away and ALWAYS, ALWAYS you come back with 'MOM, how did you know?!' No matter what is it you were getting into'

3. Built in ththermometer. As a kid, I never understood how Mom's KNEW their kids had a fever just based on touch. I was actually worried that I lacked the ability to tell and this would someday be a detriment. Fear not though, for I have discovered that when they spend SO much time in your arms, you KNOW when they are *too* hot and so you know when to act.

4. Sunny cleaning her room is a big thing in our house. It usually starts with 'Is your room clean?' and she has to go check. Lately, since school has started, it's been yes, or she only has to empty her laundry basket. I go up there every morning after drop off and make her bed and put away clean clothes. But sometimes, particularly on the weekend, it's not clean and she has some work to do. I always remind her to put the barbies, stuffies, clothes and books in their appropriate places. A LOT of times I find things shoved up under her bed. Like, all the time, to the max. Then she looks as me sheepishly and says 'oops.'  I remind her that I was 5 once too, and I know where she likes to hide toys. Then she has to RE-clean. Hopefully *someday* she'll realize it goes quicker if she does it right the first time.

5. Kissing boo-boos. A mother's love has SOME sort of healing properties. It has to. Because every time Bubber comes to me with an 'oush,' I always kiss it and say 'all better!'  Then he walks away happy, because he BELIEVES Mommy's kisses can cure him. If that's not humbling, I don't know what is. 

6. Built in lie-detector. We all lie when we're kids. Sometimes it's to keep from getting in trouble, sometimes it's because you wish your life was different, and sometimes it's to spare some one's feelings. But having watched Sunny grow the past (ooooh almost 6 years waaaaahhh) I've learned her tells. She'll play with her hands, she won't look right at me (or she will pretend to, but will actually look PAST me). She's also real quiet. Like if she says it too loudly, I'll catch her. The MOST telling thing though, is not the look of her when she lies, but the look of her when she tells the truth. Confident, firm and makes sure I hear her. A gentle reminder, is usually all they need. Remind them that they will get in LESS trouble, if they come to you with the truth first. That's been our number one rule with her in the past year. I *HOPE* it's helping.

Did I forget any? Do you have any Mom/child magic power stories to share?

 Fluffimama out <3