Friday, August 31, 2012

Crafty and a little bit nerdy.

You're no stranger to the fact that I'm a Whovian. To the extreme. Well, I am very proud to have spread the sickness to my sister, and by accident, my soon to be eleven year old niece. She is a feisty little redhead, and reminds me of a young Amy Pond. So much so, that's I've stopped addressing her by name, and now only call her 'Come along Pond.'

She hasn't noticed.

That's where the soon to be part comes in. My little jujube (her prior nickname) will be ELEVEN (it's a sign!) on September 8. So in honor of my favorite little Whovian, I am attempting Tardis shoes. They are very expensive on Etsy and other places, and I am understanding why.

Here's what I bought from the store:
Plain white canvas shoes
Acrylic paint markers (dark blue, black and white)
4 pack of foam brushes
2 bottles Tardis blue acrylic paint
1 can modge podge clear acrylic sealer

What I ordered from etsy to go with them

And various other bottles of paint I had on hand.

Additional supplies
Newspaper for work space
Cup for paint
Masking tape for taping off shoes
Q-tips for cleaning out the holes for shoelaces
Napkins/paper towels

First thing I did was PLAN. Plan, plan, plan. Plan so hard and so long that you don't even WANT to make them anymore.

I sketched the shoe from the side, and then a top view. This was helpful for planning the elements I wanted to include, as well as helping scale the elements to fit.

When you have your plan in place, set up your work space somewhere comfortable. I personally set mine up on my glass cook top. With the light right overhead, makes an excellent craft space. Tape off the shoes. I did these, not only around the bottom, but marked out the black bar on top and the white windows/sign below.

Stuffing the inside with paper towels helped it keep its shape and helped absorb any paint that seeped through. It's not captured on photo, but I also folded a piece of paper towel and pushed it between the tongue of the shoe and the shoe, to keep it clean. I have plans for it later :)

Paint away. My foam brushes were about one inch wide and just perfect for these shoes. I recommend holding the shoe from from bottom in the hand you do not write with. Don't switch hands, just turn your wrist back and forth, painting with your 'good' hand. I did up over the top lip around the shoe, but not inside. I did the placket last. Paint over the whole thing, use cotton swabs to clean out the rings and then use a napkin, kind of rolled into a fine point and carefully wipe down the placket. The paint won't come off the shoes, only the rings. Please note, these are metal, so this method may not work as well with plastic rings.

Once I was done, I slowly took off the tape and used the paint pen to go around the bottom. It worked very nicely, as the color I used was a few shades darker than Tardis blue, but still not as dark as black, so it mimicked the lines on the Tardis very nicely. Then I set them up in a high area (where Bubber could not find them) and let them dry.

The next step was removing the strip of masking tape on the top. I used a black paint pen to line and fill in. Really very easy, if not a bit of time consuming to fill in all the little white spots. As you can see, I started out trying to invert the writing with the black paint, but my E turned out funny and it went downhill from there. Never fear, I have a white fine tip paint pen for later. Oh and for the love of BANANAS, do NOT shake your paint pen ANYWHERE near the shoes. Have you ever seen a grown nerdy woman sob? It's not pretty.

Now the masking tape squares came off. I took the blue paint pen and outlined the boxes to make them look nicer and more uniform. One line midway horizontally and two evenly spaced vertical lines to make the window. Lightly outlined in black over the blue. 

I used a white paint pen for the lettering and it was actually very easy with the calligraphy tip. The very edge and a steady hand worked well. It's not horribly time consuming either. The longest part is the waiting between stages. Paint drying and all that.

I painted the tongue black, for reasons you'll see later. Now you'll notice, some blue paint got on the rubber trim around the shoe. If these were for my own use, I would have sucked it up and left it. Since these are going to be a gift, presentation is key, so I went over some of the bad spots with the white paint pen. This cleaned up with appearance very nicely. I know that these are going to be WORN by a KID no less, but I feel confident in taking this step, knowing it won't last long. 

I also did some lettering on the sign. You can probably make out the free. The first line says telephone (as tiny and small as it is) and the third line is 'of.'  I feel like these are "ALMOST" done, save for some surprises and a clear coat spray. Allons-y!

As you can see, I added a fez and a bow tie. She is, after all 'Come along Pond,' and you can't come along Pond, unless you're with 11. Plus my niece likes him best. So :::pffffllllttttt:::

Set them outside on the back porch and sprayed per directed. 

Below are all the exact brand.colors used for the paint.

ALL paint pens are Elmer's Painters Brand
Black/Noir/Negro for band/sign text and minor detailing (fine tip)
Navy blue/Bleu Marine/Azul Marino for the indented boxes and touch ups (medium tip)
White/Blanc/Blanco for bar text, touch up and tongue design (calligraphy tip)

Black acrylic paint bottle Plaid-FolkArt in regular old black for tongue
Blue acrylic paint bottle Plaid Apple Barrel Too Blue (20771) for shoe base

Here is the final product (sans fun wholaces). Feel free to use and share the tutorial. I don't care if you use this to make and sell them. If you're willing, go for it, but PLEASE link back to me if you re-post or (re)pin on Pinterest. That's all I ask :)
I'll be sure to post a picture with the laces when they come, with the Who birthday card and Who gift bag :D

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Fluffimama out <3