Monday, November 5, 2012

The Gold Canyon Giveaway is LIVE!

Good morning! The Gold Canyon Giveaway is LIVE this morning. You can enter by following the steps below, which include following the blog via GFC, if you already follow go ahead and click that as done, if you're new, please make sure to follow, I will be checking :) You can also comment on the post as well. Once every day you can share this giveaway on Face book and tweet about it on twitter for extra entries all day.

The giveaway will run from now until 12:01 am EST on November 12th, 2012.

Before we get to it, I'd like to tell you a little bit about our sponsor. Patty, from Insomnamom, who is also a Gold Canyon consultant, was nice enough to volunteer to participate. The fact that I've managed to catch the attention of 200 people (although we're already up to 235, wow guys!) was cause for celebration. So here we are.

Patty is a Mom to two giant little kids, a college student, home depot worker AND a Gold Canyon consultant. So please know, I wouldn't back someone I don't trust. I am also not being paid or compensated for dropping the Gold Canyon name.

Whether you love candles, need a consultant (she serves Southern WI as well as Northern IL) or are interested in being a consultant yourself, I hope you'll check out these links.

Above is a photo of what the winner will receive. The jar candle is 26 oz and is a
delicious fresh orange scent. A print holiday catalog and business card will be included
in the package. The winner will be notified within 48 hours. At that time, I will request your
mailing address so I can pack this up and get it shipped out. Giveaway is open to US residents only.

Make sure to check back every day. When I write a new post, I will link back to this one, so everyone can see. Good luck everyone!

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Fluffimama out<3


  1. Sorry for the delay, but following back from the Mommy Brain Mixer!! Hope you have a great week!!

  2. thanks for the give away! I have my candle burning right now on my kitchen island.

  3. The bedroom ... Do I have to say why??
    Just kidding! It gets the romantic juices flowing.

    That sounds so cliche! Ugh!
    I guess I'm a cliche today :)


  4. In my master bedroom after I have cleaned all my laundry and my bed is made. It completes the room and relaxes me.

  5. I like to have them in my family room. I like that they give my house a homey feel.

  6. Hi! Thanks for visiting! I'm your newest follower and very excited about your candle giveaway!

    (we have the SAME Thomas bath toys at home!)

  7. When I used to have the time, I liked to light candle while taking a bath to relax....there is none of that any more :/ But we have the same exact thomas bath toys that you superglued!!! very good idea. Thanks for visiting me! I'm your newest follower!

  8. Posted on facebook:

  9. In my living room... it just makes it seem so cozy.

  10. LOVE to light candles in the living room at night when all is peaceful:) I LOVE Gold Canyon candles---they are my favorite!

  11. The den, so I can look at the candle while I am watching tv.

  12. GFC Follower as Amy Orvin

  13. shared on Facebook as Amy Orvin!/amyorvin/posts/387827597958500

  14. Thanks for the heads up about this giveaway! Looks great! I always have one burning in the kitchen--helps me feel more relaxed amidst all the chaos!


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