Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

If you missed yesterday's post, make sure to check it out after you get the the bottom of this, it's a Halloween one, and it's fun! Of course, it's that wonderful time of the week, post hump day, pre-Friday when we all need a pick me up. Worry not my dears, here is the Thursday Thirteen: Musical edition.

Robbie Williams

David Bowie
Billie Jo Armstrong

Jeff Buckley

John Mayer
Rob Zombie
Lenny Kravitz (Am I the only one who
will only ever see him as Cinna now?)
Oh look, breakfast!

Joey McIntire, Jonathon Knight, Donnie Wahlberg,
Jordan Knight & Danny Wood. New kids on the block
NKOTB. Yeah, I went there. GOD they even AGED 

Since this is the Thursday Thirteen musical edition, my 'never gonna happen' pick for this week is.....

Damn it wheel chair Jimmy, get back on Degrassi. Now.
Sorry, but I've been struggling with this for years ever since Drake came on the 'scene'
He'll never be anything but Jimmy Brooks to me. Now I want to watch Degrassi. Is it on DVD? Is anyone even still here?

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