Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolution schmesolution

I'm not a big believer of New Year's resolutions. Stop smoking, lose weight, we all give up a week into the new year right? I'm all about setting the bar low. Call me lazy but setting the bar low, and then exceeding it makes me feel good. And when I feel good about the things we've accomplished, it motivates me to aim higher. A *little* bit higher. Get what I mean?

So here are some goals/resolutions I have for the year.

-Go to the dentist. I hate the dentist. My pain tolerance is so low, it's underground. But we have dental insurance now, and I can't hide behind the 'we can't afford it,' excuse anymore. So I need to suck it up and go.

-Save up for a new car. This one will probably be the hardest. Neither of us are savers, but we want a nice new car so bad we can taste it. It helps that Mekius will not be commuting out state anymore for work so we can actually take care of a nicer car.

-Potty train Bubber. He turned three right before Christmas. I think Sunny was about 3.5 when she was fully trained. So it's time. In fact we're starting today. I have a potty sitting in our living room and a very naked little boy running around. I was going to have him run around in his underwear, but at this point I figure why make extra laundry?

-Take my kids to the pool this summer. This past summer was the first one where Bub really enjoyed it. And they have never slept better. We're hoping to get pool passes early this spring when they have the super duper deals for buying early.

-Move. We've agreed we're going to move this year, hopefully in Spring or Summer and preferably still in our school boundary. Our school is wonderful and a great little community and I can honestly say it will break my heart if we had to leave it.

-Go to the gym. Not saying how much, or to lose a specific amount of weight. While I have a number in my head I'd love to reach, I really just want to keep myself moving. We've all heard once you hit 30, it gets harder to lose the weight and god knows I'm getting closer each day. I'd rather do the work now when the odds are in my favor.

-Say yes more. Tragedies happen every day. We feel for the victims and maybe grieve with them in the days following. But how many actually change your life? How many stay with you, weeks, months or years later? I have found Newtown has done that to me. It's left a scar on me. So when Bub wants and extra juice box or Sunny wants four books at bedtime, I've been saying yes a little bit more. Obviously every single time can't be yes, but I already find myself saying it more. I let them have a little bit more. I give them that extra snuggle, hug or kiss. That extra time. That thing they want to do, even though it's messy and I find it annoying. Because of the parents out there who would LOVE for their kid to beg them to play playdoh, read one more story or get a third or fourth kiss before bed.

What are your resolutions or goals for the year?

Fluffimama out <3